Saturday, 14 September 2013

My daily routines

I'm quite precise with my routines for every morning. My staff hasn't quite understood the importance of my routines yet, and I have to remind and guide them quite often. This is how it should be.

First, the staff should wake up around 6 am. Quite often they don't. I even let them sleep well during the night, I don't play around and make noises. Therefore I don't think it would be too much requested that they would wake up when I need them to. If they don't wake up by 6 am, I will need to wake them up. I have noticed though, that I only have to wake the lady of the house. I guess she gets so pissed off when I wake her up, that she eventually wakes up the rest of the staff.

I try to wake her up nicely, I just gently jump on her and start to purr. This might take a while, and if she doesn't wake up, I usually go and chew on her phone on the night stand. That wakes her up pretty fast. In some extreme cases, when none of them wants to wake up, I go in the living room and start to meow veeeery loudly. I just want some company! Is that really too much to ask??

So after the lady of he house has woken up, she gives me my breakfast. That's one thing she has learnt quite well, thank God... But then... Immediately after my breakfast I have to start with my duties, beginning with the most important task; checking out the front yard. I run to my climbing/scratching pole where I can sit and watch the front yard. IF the lady of the house has taken care of HER part of the duties, and opened the blinds of the window. She doesn't always remember and oh boy that is ANNOYING! How can I take care of my duties if she doesn't take care of her part. There might be many things I will miss if I don't get to see through the window in time. Like other cats or some suspicious birds to name a few. If she hasn't remembered the blinds, she remembers them quite fast when I start to scratch them.

So, this is where my most important morning routines end up:

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