Tuesday, 24 September 2013

She thinks she's so clever

Well, I have to admit that she actually is. Quite clever I mean. I'm talking about the lady of the house of course. She was very annoyed with my habit of digging the soil out of the flowerpots. I guess I spilled some dirt on the floor too, and  she didn't like that at all. I think she was being a bit petty, considering the mess the smallest members of the staff can make on their rooms.You should see them, there are toys and stuff EVERYWHERE! Sometimes the floors in their rooms are so covered with legos and everything that it is difficult to walk there. So I wouldn't consider some soil on the floor as any major issue. But the lady of the house obviously did. This is her revenge:
See? She put stones on the flowepots! I can't reach the soil anymore!! My paws are too weak to move the stones out of the way! Darn! I can still smell the inviting smell of the soil, especially when the lady of the house waters the plants. But I can't reach it! It's so annoying!

Even bigger stones in these flowepots. I have to admit that in this game she is the winner. Darn.

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