Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Dust Challenge

As I mentioned before, I have been training my staff to improve their housework performance. As you know, cats are very clean creatures. My staff is OK in that department, but there are some issues that needed some extra attention. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

We live in a pretty nice house, and I have about 146 square meters in my disposal. I have been inspecting the premises and made certain observations and improvement  ideas. As I was checking the higher levels of the house, I found a serious defect. In the picture above, I'm sitting on a wall. Three meters above the floor. Three meters dude. I got there by climbing on top of the fireplace and jumping on the top of the wall. Behind this wall there is a row of kitchen cabinets. Guess what I found on the cabinets? DUST! Loads of dust I tell you. See the next picture if you don't believe me:

Can you see my fur and all the dust on it? Disgusting! I took a stroll on the kitchen cabinets, laid on them a bit, and this happened. I was all covered in dust! That was it, I just had to teach a lesson to my staff. I understand their limitations to reach such heights as I do, so I made sure to sprinkle the evidence so that they could see it. I also made sure to leave some black and dusty paw prints on the wall above the fireplace. That should teach them. And it did! Success! Today, a member of my staff vacuumed and wiped the top of the cabinets. Now it's squeaky-clean for me to rest there in peace, and have a good view over my servants. That's what I call progress!

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