Monday, 23 September 2013

Staring out the window

During the summertime I was let out every now and then. That hasn't happened for a while now. I'm pretty OK with that though, I'm happy to be able to watch the garden through the window. Sometimes when I see the smallest members of my staff play and have fun on the yard, I would like to join them. I have heard that the neighbours wouldn't appreciate if I accidentally would go to their garden, so I'm kept indoors. Well, how can a simple cat know where the limits of ones own garden are, if there aren't any fences?
Anyhow, the garden of my mansion is yet quite boring. There aren't any big trees I could climb to, since the house and the garden are quite new and there weren't any old trees there. What mostly interested me outside were the insects. It was fun trying to catch them. But now during the fall, the insects have disappeared somewhere. Luckily there are birds now instead. Lucky for them I'm behind the window....
I have heard the staff talking about introducing me to snow, whatever that means. It doesn't sound that tempting, but we'll see how it is during the upcoming winter.

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