Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Staff

I would like to present to you my staff. I hired them a couple of months ago, and they are still in training. I have to say though, they learn quite fast. I'm quite happy with them. They all have a different and an important role in my life. Anyhow, here they are:

I know they don't look like much, but they are still my staff and important to me. They are quite shy, so I couldn't get a photo of them. But you get the point.
I would describe their roles as a main caretaker and entertainers. The lady of the house (with the yellow hair) is obviously the main caretaker. She feeds me and cleans my litter box. I appreciate that. The others, mainly entertainers. They do have potential to get more responsibilities someday, especially the big one on the right. But so far they mainly entertain me. Don't get me wrong, entertaining is an important thing for me also! As I spend most of my time indoors, life can get quite boring sometimes. Entertainers are the answer to that problem.
So, that was my staff. As I mentioned before, there are things I have had to teach them in my own way, but they are getting there. Slowly but surely.


  1. Carlos, do any of your servants also serve as comfortable furniture? I know that my female caretaker has a very comfortable lap with an attached massaging device... Unfortunately with the D.O.G. around, she is less available than she used to be. Sincerely, Tuxedo Jack of

  2. Hello, nice to hear from you! Yes, my servants do serve as furniture too. The most comfortable is the lady of the house, and her massaging and scratching device is most adjustable to my different needs. I'm glad we don't have any D.O.G. to distract her, and the darn fishes don't seem to like to sit on her lap at all. The smallest members of the staff do take her time quite a lot though, but not too much on my opinion.