Tuesday, 25 November 2014

An existential crisis

Friends, today I have some disturbing news for you... If there are any young kittens online, I suggest you wouldn't read this post! But the rest of you, please brace yourselves..

I've overheard the kids talking about Christmas quite a lot lately. But one thing they said really freaked me out. They we're saying that Santa Claus isn't for real!! WHAT!??!? I can't believe they could even think that would be true! But that is what they claimed!! One of them even said that (a direct quote) "There are just as many Santas out there, as there are Santa costumes for sale on stores"! That sounds like a really, really bad joke to me! Actually it sounds like something the big one might have said, but it was the kids who said it. 

I mean, we are living in a country which is the HQ of the real Santa Claus! Our national airline has just announced itself as an official airline of the Santa Claus! So how can someone claim that this fellow doesn't really exist? Also, I have MET the Santa Claus himself last year, he came by our house.

Friends, please tell me the kids were only joking with me, tell me Santa is for real, pretty please! I need to get my presents this year too!


  1. Don't worry Carlos.
    Santa Claws id REAL !
    Now, go get your wish list ready ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. DOOD !!!


    de small staff HAFTA be pullin a joke..they HAFTA BE...

    { sobs }

  3. Carlos, our human had it explained to her this way, when she was a young child and heading out to the local mall to sit on "Santa's" lap: Santa is real but he can't be everywhere at once, even though his powers are great, so he has helpers who don similar costume in his honour.

    So no worries, make your list! :-)

  4. Um, hmmm... I'm a teenage kitty now. So maybe I should just not say anything. I'll just say that from what I gather, Binga has been bad every Christmas and she has always gotten gifts anyway.

  5. Ei hätää, joulupukki on olemassa! Ihan varmasti on.

  6. Fuzzy Tales kitties are correct. Santa has a hard time being everywhere at once, so he does have helpers who magically look like him and share his duties. But the real Santa IS REAL! He goes by many names (depending on what country you live in), but he exists!!
    Make your wish list. He'll listen.

  7. Well, Santa Claus may not be real, but we all know Santa Claws is! He is, isn't he??