Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The white stuff

We had a snow storm last night, so the scenery has lightened up a bit. The bad thing was that the snow came with a vengange, meaning it was heavy an wind was blowing quite hard. Some of the woods and trees around here fell because of the snow and wind, and damaged some power lines. That means quite a lot of people are without electricity... Not nice when it's below zero outside.. We didn't suffer from that, but many who we know did. We hope the electricity gets prepared soon!

Anyhow, I was let out in the snow too!

It was fun! I could have spent even more time outside, but the secretary made a fuss about me freezing my toes off even though I wasn't. What a spoil sport.

Well, we guess the snow is here to stay at least until the weekend, so I hope to get to play around in it again soon!


  1. Wow - that is really cold! I would hate to be that cold without electricity... hope that doesn't happen to you.

  2. Cod's teeth! It's only the beginning of November, too early for this. We hope it all melts soon and that anyone who has lost power has it restored very, very soon. Our human remembers the Ice Storm of '98, where she was without power for 5 days in January and many, many others were without power for ten days or more. Ugh.

  3. Carlos, I think maybe your human's toes were freezing off, and that is really why she was complaining.

  4. dood...we haz been ther...we hope de peepulz getz ther power N stuff bak on... quik like...thatz noe fun...

    bee safe N stay warm N we hope de secretarry N yur dad haz been stockin de pan tree with canned
    goods for carlos !! ♥♥♥

  5. Yuck! We have not had that white stuff yet and we are quite happy to wait.
    Hopefully, we will wait a long time ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. It is too soon for snow, but I am glad you got to have a little fun in it.

  7. No! No Snow! Way too early! Cold, No! No cold!
    You're jinxing it for the rest of us!
    (But I'm glad you enjoyed yours, and hope you get to enjoy it even more later).
    Paws crossed for those without electricity!

  8. Oh no! We really feel for you, Carlos. That's a lot of snow too early in the season.