Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Carlos vs fly part 2

The stupid fly didn't give in, it was still alive in the morning... I had to spend the whole night on the livingroom floor to be able to supervise the situation! Ok, so I dozed off for sometime, but still!!

Trust me, the fly IS there allthough you can't see it!

After this the fly escaped upstairs.

There it is on the wall. So close but still out of my reach... But I won't give up... I will catch it sooner or later...

You had such great ideas for my yesterday's post! The beam close to the ceiling would make a GREAT scratching post for me! With some sisal rope it would allow me to climb all the way to the ceiling! I have to get my humans to make these arrangements asap!


  1. You WILL catch that fly, Carlos! I have faith in you.

  2. dood...heerz another tip...open a window...go out side N get de gardin hoze.....bring de hose thru de window
    & inta de houz......tell de small staff peepuls ta tern de water spigot on full blast.. N hoze de stoooooooopid fly down

    plus like when de secretaree lurns de kids terned on de water....ewe R knot ta blame !!!

  3. Carlos, there isn't a fly for miles around that is safe with you on duty. Such concentration!

  4. We're putting our money on you, Carlos.