Thursday, 6 November 2014

The only way is up!

It's still freezing here, so we like to lounge comfortably inside. The secretary put the first Christmas lights outside yesterday, so we are starting to get the Christmas spirit going. We hope it will be a white Christmas this year!


  1. Christmas lights already? Wow, we thought our human started decorating early. LOL. It's cheery, though. :-)

  2. From the looks of yesterday chances are good that you will be having a white Christmas! We will be having a green Christmas here is Florida.

  3. dood...yur stair case rocks.... !!! how kewl wood it be... ta be at de top... N push sum thin down...N see if it getz
    sticked at de korner.... ore makes it all de way round... then down....ewe shuld try it with say...donuts !! one point
    if it makes two de korner...5 points if de donuts goes all de way ta de floor !! ♥

  4. Bet running up and down those stairs is fun.
    Our house is one level so we do not have stairs to climb. Darn!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. We just have a scary elevator or two (or is it the weirdo crowd that we usually end up riding with). 16 flights of stairs would be awesome but even I don't think I could make those! Your stairs, on the other hand, look reasonable. And, yes, FUN!