Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Oh how nice it is to chill and relax on the sofa! I have also come to terms with the crisis I had yesterday, thanks to your wise comments! Now I believe you are absolutely right, there IS a real Santa, who has a lot of helpers. After all, even the kids have prepared their wish lists in good time, so they have to believe in him after all... 

So all is well and peaceful at casa Carlos. Good night!


  1. dood...thanx bee ta cod perch & shrimp....boy, we think de small staff peepuls should have stuff
    taken OFF ther list...... for scarin everee one like that !! ☺☺

    we can see ewe R much mor chillaxed twoday....N thatz a good thing...... !!

    N like let de nite mare continmew.... coz two morrow iz de WERST day in trout towne...
    bas terd burd day

    ore mor common lee known as thanxgiving.... we plan on eatin pie, pie N mor pie ♥♥ N will bee off line
    til monday sew we hope yur week oh end iza grate one ♥♥♥

  2. Carlos, never doubt there's a Sandy Claws!!