Monday, 10 November 2014

Please try again...

Human, we need to discuss a couple of things...

Do you really consider this as a proper dinner? A bowl full of dry kibble. Think again. Would you eat Rice Krispies for dinner? I didn't think so... 

I just saw you coming home from the store with some proper canned fish for me. Let's have it! Don't try to hide or save it! I've had enough of this dry food for a long while!


  1. We are busy training the humans to feed us more wet food and it seems to be working, they are putting less of the dry kibble down. I hear them talking that I am a problem as I will eat till I barf. They seem to feel that this is a problem.


  2. dood....bettter yet, send de staff out ta de fishery N tell em ta bring ewe home sum reel lived deaded perch, flounder, mackerul, toona, trout...what ever iz in seeson rite now...yea.....for sure ♥♥

  3. We think the mom has eaten rice krispies for dinner. though that doesn't mean you don't deserve a proper meal.