Monday, 3 November 2014

Carlos vs fly (new video!)

The weather has been funnily warm a couple of days, and it means that some dizzy flies have crawled from their holes and are bugging the freak out of me! There was one big fat fly on our ceiling today, and I started chasing it. I can't believe the humans didn't make any effort to kill it, I always have to do all the work around here!! The only thing my secretary was able to come up with was to make a video of my sad attempt to catch the darn fly...

Too bad the ceiling is a bit too high for me... But I won't give up... Sooner or later I will catch the stupid fly... There won't be any bugs alive inside this house, not on my shift...


  1. You where trying really really hard! Wasn't your Mom afraid you might fall?

  2. We heard you try to coax him down!!!

    Thank you for helping us celebrate Raz's Gotcha Day!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. dood...yur mewvie rocks...we gived it 984 paws UP...N tell de staff ta wrap that post with sum sissal...

    how ya s'pozed ta climb it az iz..... like what if next time therz a taran toola spider on de ceeling N everee
    one iz yellin N screemin for ther lives ...due they think ewe can climb up that post az it iz... two bring de
    taran toola down... { N hide it in sum ones shoo.... }


  4. All that screaming and your Mom did not help you get that fly ?
    You need to train your Mom to help you more.
    It's her job!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. And you invited him so nicely to dinner!

  6. Whoa! You have high ceilings like we do. Someday I’ll reach that ceiling and you will too!

  7. hmmmm....tuohon tolpan ympärihän voisi kiertää köyttä ja tehdä siitä kynsienraapimatolppa :D

  8. The humans certainly make it hard for you to get those flies, Carlos, having such a high ceiling and all!

  9. That fly can't fly forever, Carlos. We know you'll get him!

  10. Impressed with your climbing skills, but they don't make it easy for you! da tabbies o trout towne are right. They need to put sissal on that post!