Sunday, 9 November 2014

Silly little human

Oh dear, do you really think I would leave this branch of a Christmas tree alone? You really expect me to have that kind of discipline? I'm a cat, remember?
Can't you see how it literally SCREAMS "Come play with me Carlos"?
Anyhow, I think it's WAY too early for Christmas decorations. You have your lights outside already, would you leave the inside of the house alone for a while still? It's only a certain amount of time a cat can be supposed to let the decorations remain untouched. Well, you have been warned... Try to live with the consequences then.
How has your weekend been? I've had a very nice one! Today we celebrated the Fathers day, so all kinds of treats have been handed down to me too.
The snow has started to melt again. We really tried to keep it, but it's melting already. The secretary was surprised how she liked the snow this time. Usually she doesn't like it that much. But the temperatures are rising again, giving us a lot of slush and icy roads for a couple of days from now at least.
Oh, about the fly I reported a couple of days ago. It has disappeared. I let the secretary believe I caught and ate it, she just didn't see me do that...


  1. Carlos, of COURSE you caught and ate the fly - just like I caught and ate the one that was flying around last night that is now gone.

  2. OMC...And the tree branch is in a GLASS BOTTLE!!!! Your secretary is clearly insane to expect you to leave that alone.

    AS IF!

  3. We believe you got that fly and we totally believe you'll get that branch!
    Heh,heh,heh !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. It is never too early for Christmas decorations. Sorry it is teasing you, I can see why you would want to floss with it.

  5. dood...ya noe de best thing bout thiz tree....

    ewe guessed it.....itz BURD FREE !!!!!! ☺☺☺

    we say start with de branch on de bottom right...noe...yur right !!

    have fun ♥♥