Thursday, 20 November 2014

Goodbye stupid palm tree!

I've been meaning to tell you about one of my projects, called how-to-kill-a-palm-tree. I never thought I would finish it so fast, but I guess I was just very efficient! 

I did it by sitting in the middle of it, so that the leafs were all bent and broken. I also liked to eat the spiky parts of the leafs, which obviously made me vomit. Usually on the white carpet. 

So yesterday the big one had had it with my battle against the palm tree, and moved the plant outside. Do you know how cold it is outside now? Below zero. And do you know what happens for plants when the temperature goes below zero? They die.

The plants don't have anything against me. I will defeat them one by one. The downside is that the secretary is a bit sad, since she really liked the palm tree. It reminded her of the lovely and warm summer. Luckily she still likes me more, otherwise I might be the one stuck outside...


  1. Well done, Carlos! This made our human laugh out loud, because over the years she's had cats, the number of house plants has decreased dramatically. This summer she was down to two, both of which she put outside. Alas, both thrived out there, so she gave one away (they're large) and kept the one she really liked. She's lucky we don't bother with it. But she does remember the days when she'd get home from work and find a toppled plant (back in the days of angels Chumley and Annie), with wet earth ground into her then beige wall-to-wall carpet. Heh heh.

    If your human really wants plants around, our person suggests hanging baskets, in spots where you can't get to them. Actually, right now she's growing cat-safe plants in water only, as a experiment (a recent thing). They're within our reach, but so far (you know it's jinxed now, right?) we've not bothered with them.

    Oh ,and the ASPCA has an extensive list of cat-safe (and cat-toxic) plants:

  2. dood...awesum job on all a counts, killin de plant, eatin de leeves, hurlin on de rug !!!! ♥

    we give ewe 984 ...paws UP !!! plus like de way we see it, ewe did de mom staff purrson a favor by knot lettin
    her wish her dayz a way.... az her hopez for balmy breezez, warm air, drinks outta coconut shells, sand, surf N sun...

    ~~~~ oh kay, now we R sad two ~~~~~

    hope yur week oh end bee filled with sea bass shrimp & sardeenz ♥ we bee offline til monday sew enjoy ☺☺

  3. We don't have plants inside at all - my human is terrible with them anyway and kills them, even without our help!

  4. Great work Carlos!!! We don'ts have any real live plants in our house. Mom bean says that's because some of us used to use the planters as extra litter boxes. So all her plants are grown outside...when it is not freezing!

    Have a great weekend.
    Sasha. Sami, & Saku

  5. One time I was asked to cat sit and water the plants until my friend got home from vacation. I was always more afraid that I would kill the plant, not the cat.

  6. Great work- doesn't it feel good to accomplish a goal?

  7. MOL! You won the battle...and the war, Carlos!