Thursday, 25 September 2014

Game night

The kid and the secretary were playing scrabble the other night. I thought I'd share my wisdom and shouted out a couple of words I thought would have been in place. 

Well, as usual they didn't quite get my drift, or do you see words like "catsrule", "carlosthegreatest", "feedthecatforcodssake" or "letthecattakeanapinpeace" there? I didn't think so either... Imagine the amount of points they could have gotten if they would have listened to my advise... 

Anyhow, weekend is coming, hallelujah!!!


  1. I like all your suggestions!


  2. dood....yea, just for yur werd letthecattakeanapinpeace one of em
    woooda scored 248,955,170 points...

    make inn them de all time
    highest werd scorer.... EVER

    in de game & they probablee wooda been asked ta a peer
    on tee vee and been paid a BAZILLION dollars....

    think oh de cat food that wooda buyed.....

    a shame inn deed ~~

  3. When it comes to scrabble, humans have no imagination!