Monday, 29 September 2014

The thing with a knitted vest

I have developed a slight addiction of a grey knitted vest my mom has. After the summer she organized her walk-in-closet, and this wonderful thing appeared on one of the shelves. She had been hiding the knitted vest in a storage box.
Oh how lovely it is... I just want to roll around on it!

My mom was a bit surprised when she came home the other day and found this on the floor of the walk-in-closet... She had forgotten the door open, so I had taken the matters in my own paws, and gone after the lovely knitted vest. I dragged it on the floor, rolled on it a while, tasted it a bit, and then... I guess I was done. Obviously I couldn't put it BACK on the shelf, so that's why my mom figured out what I had done...
This has actually happened quite many times, that my mom finds this vest laying on the floor. Well, I just can't help myself, there IS something about this knitted vest...


  1. dood....with thiz vest N de small staff purrsons pants...ewe R gonna bee all set for tell ur dad ta give up sumthin
    and tell de other small staff memburr ta due de de time winter sets in ewe will bee sleepin in style !!! ♥

  2. I think your human should give you that vest, Carlos! It's already yours, kinda.

  3. I hope your mom lets you keep it. Please stop by Sammy and Joanie's party at, they would love to see you.

  4. We bet it's really soft to lay on, Carlos.