Tuesday, 16 September 2014

In the woods

At the lake cottage I'm always held on the leash, so that I wouldn't be able to run away. However, I like to try to get off my leash every now and then, if I feel that it is prohibiting me to get some place more interesting.

Well, this time I freed myself once, and ran deep into the woods...

Somewhere there I went. The staff were a bit worried for a second, but the secretary trusted that  I'm too much of a comfortable indoor cat to spend too much time on my own, before returning to my canned food served on the terrace.

They were calling after me, and walking into the woods. The naive kitty that I am, I meowed back of course... Finally they saw me, and took in use their secret weapon... The laser pointer and the red dot! I was lured back with the stupid red dot! I just couldn't resist that!

Well, I guess it was good to come back, or else I would have missed all that fish.

So as I said, there were all kinds of adventures on our cottage trip...


  1. Carlos, you have got to be careful - there are all sorts of creatures out in those woods and we are really pleased that tehre is a secret weapon which lures you back. Phew!

  2. My human said not to get any "funny" ideas from you! She says I am not allowed outdoors until I learn to come when called consistently.

  3. Carlos, woods are scary. There are animals in there who are not friends of cats. They look at us as DINNER! So glad you didn't get lost in there!

  4. You need to be careful Carlos! That being said I am jealous, my humans would never trust me outside at all. Lucky we have the screen room or I would never get whiffies of the outdoors!


  5. dood...just use exx treem caushun......we due knot wanna sound like worree catz but round heer de woodz bee filled with coyoteez N dee pendin......snakes....de BAD kind...

    plus like may bee ther bee vizshuz squirrel in ther...salmon steelin bearz.....mosquitoez.....de big bad wolf who reely iz big N bad...

    de staff did rite with de laser lite !! ♥

  6. Carlos, we are glad you came back.
    We see what lives in the woods near us (raccoons)
    We are glad you came back.
    While freedom is exciting, home is safe and fun :)
    There is lots of food too !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Carlos, we are so furry happy you got back safe and sound. We thinks you should stay with the beans, 'cuz there is no stinky goodness in the woods!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. I would like to have that kind of andventure, too! -Devi-

  9. Those woods look scary, I hope you don't run away again. http://15andmeowing.com

  10. You gotta be careful in those woods, Carlos...and make sure you come back when you're called.