Thursday, 18 September 2014

So what now?

After all the excitement and the adventures, this ordinary life seems suddenly a bit boring. Today I had some difficulties to come up with something to blog about. So the secretary pointed at me with her camera, just when I was preparing myself to a nap, hoping to get a good shot and something to write about. I thought that was just plain annoying.

Come on... Let me yawn in peace! 

So I thought it was time for the back of disrespect. Then I finally got to get my peace and quiet time.

I hope you had a nice Thursday! The weekend is so close I can almost see it!!!


  1. Well, at least that was something to blog about!

  2. dood

    foto one iza awesum ...foto

    we loves yur "yawn" pick sure az well... ya knead ta title it; insert fisheez :)

    N we never haz nothin to blog a bout...we just pull sum thin outta de air N ther ya haz it.....
    N it showz !!!

    we bee off line til monday sew heerz two a redmouth whalefish kinda week oh end !! ♥

  3. You do look rather annoyed there, Carlos. We hope you got some peace and quiet later.

  4. Pawrents can be so annoying Carlos! Yours won't leave you alone and ours won't pay enough attenshun to us.

    Hope you got a good nap eventually, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku