Thursday, 11 September 2014

Nip tea?

I was snoopervising the secretary today, since she was doing something very interesting. She was making tea for herself (yes, it's really a coffee maker but she uses it sometimes for making tea. Since she doesn't drink coffee, she's weird that way), and I was curious of what she was putting in the machine.

Is it tea or nip you have there? 

Tea? Are you really sure? It sure looks like nip to me... Well, the smell isn't quite right but still.

I think I need to investigate that bag of tea a bit more when she isn't looking...


  1. I think she should make catnip tea - for you!

  2. dood...thatz catnip ore call uz burd lovers

    N just in case itz tea forget de part a bout burd N ree place it with fish !!

    & like de food gurl heer will eat tomato soop but KNOT tomatoez.... ???

  3. Was there any mint at all inthe tea? Mommy surmises that's why Salem chewed(s) her toothbrush!

  4. Maybe you could put some catnip in there and see how it comes out.

  5. She should make nip tea for you, Carlos!