Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Behind bars

Help, I'm being held a prisoner behind bars!

No, I'm just kidding... This is just an old safety gate the humans used upstairs when the kids were smaller. Also, I'm still thin enough to slip through the bars anyways.

But speaking of being thin! My humans tried to pull an outrageous trick on me and bought some lousy and cheap cat food they expected me to eat! I refused! It lasted a couple of days before they realised their huge mistake and brought back some proper tuna! I do hope they have learned their lesson and don't try that again!!


  1. dood...yea, ewe tell em, like what due they think... ewe wuz just borned yesterday.... ore like ewe canna reed
    ore that ya due knot noe de differunce bee tween tuna & ham.....

  2. I knew you could slip between those bars, Carlos! And yes, make sure your humans don't try to cheap out on you with the food!

  3. We are not sure if we can fit through that gate ;)
    Maybe Julie.
    Beans try all sorts of shortcuts!
    Be vigilant and don't let them get away with anything!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. How 'bout we bring you a tuna cake with a file in it, Carlos?? :)