Saturday, 4 October 2014

The cats who came before me, part 3

Last but certainly not the least is the only girly cat my secretary has had. Let just say, that she is more into mancats... No offense, but this lady had a really strong ego and character... As it turned out, a bit too much considering the small space they were living at the time.
Let me introduce you to Her Highness, Miss Alma. My secretary had her around the late nineties, when she had moved on her own and was studying in an university. She lived in a small flat, and was missing a roommate. Not another human, but a pet. So she adopted her.
She's cute too, but looks can be decieving...

Bevare of the cat... really...

She obviously liked to admire herself in the mirror..
So Alma... She really was a wild one. She used to have legendary cat fits, and run and jump around the flat making crazy sounds. If my secretary had some relatives or friends over night, they were traumatized by the sharp claw attacks towards their feet under the blankets. They just had to keep their feet absolutely still to avoid having sharp claws attacking them. Many of them still remember that if my secretary speaks of Alma.
She was also quite a sneaky one. She might have had her peaceful moments during the day and the evening, but immediately when the secretary turned off the lamp on her night stand and was falling to sleep, Alma started "her show". First she went to the window sill, and started scratching the blinds. Or the flowers. Or something else. All the other cats (including me!) my secretary has had, have been good sleepers. But not this one, no. After a series of "Alma shows", my secretary had to lock Alma into the small hall with her litterbox for the night. Otherwise she couldn't have slept at all.
The big one and the secretary met around that time, and he has met Alma too. He has some of his worst cat traumas from that time. No wonder he was a bit sceptic towards me at first. But I have shown him that cats can be cool and well behaved too!
Well, Alma surely was a cat to be remembered. I believe this post might have given a bit negative wibe from her, but the secretary still remembers Alma fondly, exactly because of her unique character. She was a lively one, and was always up to something.
After Alma there were many many many (empty, soulless, harrowing, heartbraking) years without a pet for my secretary. Finally I arrived to give her life a meaning, and now she is living a better and fuller life with a cat again!
So, that was the end of this short series, I hope you liked it. From now on, it's again all about ME, myself and I!
Have a happy Caturday, and an international pet day!
Pets (especially cats) rule!!


  1. Alma sounds like Binga - on steroids! Wow. But the humans here adore Binga, even with her quirks.

  2. alma....from one girl to another...may I say bravo, you rock and I admire you and your sense of adventure, spirit and fun !! oh, and your ability to admire yourself in the mirror; I do that....all the time. It was nice getting to know you; if you see my sister can you please say HI for me...hugs girl from Dai$y...♥♥♥♥♥ =^..*=