Thursday, 2 October 2014

New series: The cats who came before me, part 1

Well, yesterday my secretary was really sentimental while looking  back to the beginning of my blog. She even started remembering way back in the day, when she was a young girl and had cats who came before me. She thought to pay them a tribute and introduce them here. These kitties are surely worth a post or two, allthough they lived way before the whole internet thingie.
So let's start in the beginning, sometime in the beginning of the eighties. Let me introduce you to a lovely cat named Pete, the first cat my mom had with her family when she was a child. Sorry for the even worse than usual quality of the photos.

Back then the children obviously liked to play with the cats too. Here my mom is giving a very scared looking Pete a ride with her plastic wheelbarrow.

Here he is again, I think he's quite cute, don't you think? I wish I could have met him, we would have had good times together!

Ok, sorry for the bright red tiles here, I hope they didn't make you blind... Oh the colouring of bathroom tiles in the seventies and eighties... My mom still gets shivers from those tiles! Anyhow, here the handsome mancat Pete has gained ...ehm... some more weight... I guess he a liked to be home at dinner time. Also he liked to drink from the faucet like me. Way to go buddy!

I think this picture is just too cute... My secretary is getting all misty now. Here she is having a nap with good old Pete. They just look so cozy.

Here Pete is again sleeping beside her. So cute.
It looks like they had a very close bond these two, but my secretary tells me that Pete was really bonding more with her big sister. My mom was a bit jealous because Pete would be more attached to her sister than her. Well, looks to me that they still had their moments!
I hope you liked to see the first one of my "ancestors". Stay tuned, there are still two more cats to be introduced!


  1. Pete looks like he was a real love. The photos of the snuggling are precious indeed. :-)

  2. dood !!! we loved see in yur grate grate gram paw pete N we can see him be veree smart two coz he new de sink iz DE place
    ta bee ta get fish in de houz !! and drinkin frum de faw cett rocks...probablee thats wear ya get it frum huh !!! awesum storee N we look for werd ta heerin bout mor kittehs !!

  3. Pete looks like he was quite fond of your human, no matter what she says!

  4. Aw, Pete was so cute. We love the picture of him and your secretary snoozing together.