Friday, 3 October 2014

The cats who came before me, part 2

So the series continues... Today I'll introduce you to another mancat, Alpertti. It's like a Finnish version of Albert. My secretary had him sometime in the early nineties. Alpertti was really my secretary's cat, she didn't have to share him with anyone.
He's a cutie too, but I guess all kitties are cute...

The secretary remembers that he liked to go under the carpets a lot. Usually when there was something interesting. Looks like he found something to eat there!

Trying hard to catch something!

A cat in a bag...
Ok, so I guess he liked shoes... I don't get that, really...

Surprise! A bonus pet! The secretary had a bunny at the same time she had Alpertti! Looks like Alpertti and Reetu the bunny were close friends. I'm not quite sure how I would react if I would meet a bunny... I think it looks quite suspicious...

The lucky guy Alpertti got to go also to paradise... I'm jealous to say, that Alpertti and Pete had a lot more priviledges than I do. They were both let out to the garden without leash. They were smart enough not to run away, and came into the house when they wanted or were called.
So, now there is only one cat left to introduce. This time it's a girl cat, and boy was she a character... More about her tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!


  1. It looks like Alpertti got to have lots of fun adventures!

  2. dood...way awesum storee bout grate grate gram paw alpertti...him ree minds uz oh R cuzin perkolator; perky for short...same coat & stripes !!! looks like him hada fun fun time at de lake cottage...we NOE him spies reel live fresh still in de water let me at him coz eye knead a snax...perch !! see em...just above thoz reeds !!

    a most happee week oh end…may it bee filled with ocean perch ♥ see ya monday

  3. Alpertti was very cute! Thanks for sharing his story with us.