Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Well, another workday for most of my humans. I can tell you my secretary would LOVE to work from home, so that she could spend more time with me! Well, officially she claims she would like to do that because of the kids, but I still think that I'm the main reason. I tried to convince her to take me along to her office, but she explained that there wouldn't be any kibble, snacks, nip or anything feline friendly. What kind of horrible place is that I asked! No place for me anyways!

But now it's time to go to sleep. We are all tired, and tomorrow is a new day. Have a good evening!


  1. dood...a good evening two ewe az well, N yes, de secretaree iz rite...lots..noe, make that LOTZ.. of places
    oh employ...haz ZOMBEEZ stumblin round.....noe place for sure for a kitteh...plus like they eat all de food
    ....sew ewe wood shirley knot.... get any reel live deaded fish..... coz zombeez eat dead stuff....

  2. What, a non-cat friendly office? How barbaric!

  3. We don't thinks we'd want to go to work with the mom bean, she might try to put us to work! But it is nice when she is home. Enjoy your time together!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Ihmeellinen paikka tuo työpaikka! Pitäisi nyt jotain kissaystävällistä sentään olla joka paikassa.

  5. I think she should take tomorrow off to spend with you- Black cat awareness day. 15andmeowing Be sure to visit us for a contest tomorrow.

  6. We're not sure you'd like your human working at home, Carlos. She's bother you all day long! :)