Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cat vs a magazine

The silly human of mine, had a stupid idea of reading a magazine on the sofa after work. Obviously she didn't remember that her time after work is reserved for ME! So I had to remind her. I had to use most of my tricks, but finally she got the point. Anyways, here we go. Young kitten readers, consider this as a lesson:
1. Place yourself on the humans hand so that she can't turn the pages of the magazine.


2. Walk over her lap and the magazine several times, back and forth.

3. Take your time to find a very comfortable position to lay on her lap and on top of the magazine.

4. Make sure to block her view to the magazine as much as you can. At this point it really helps if you are a bit on the heavy side.

5. SCORE! Out with the magazine, in with the cat!! Works everytime!

6. A happy cat means a happy human. Win-win. Except for the magazine, but magazines don't have feelings. Cats do.

I hope you had a lovely Thursday!


  1. My human reads a lot on her phone and is able to maneuver around me much better than with a magazine - she is smarter than she looks!

  2. Some of us around here could cover the whole magazine with that move! Our humans have e-readers and they seem to be able to keep us off of them when they are reading;( But one of us sometimes walks across them when they put them down and turns the pages!


  3. dood...troo lee...ewe bee a genius....frank lee we think ewe shuld start up a class for
    wee kittenz sew they iz "in de noe" ....a head oh time.....ewe could even charge money
    for de class...ore...even take reel live deaded perch... az payment !!!

    we iz total lee lovin foto 4 !!

    we bee off line til monday ~~~

    happee week oh end two ewe, heers two dusky grouper ♥

  4. We do this too, Carlos. The other thing we do is when the mom is on the computer, we walk in front of the screen so she can't see what she's doing and has to stop and pay attention to us.