Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday activities

So it's Monday. We have made it through the day so we can clap ourselves on the shoulder. 

I was keeping company to the kid when he was going through his treasure box. You know how most of small boys have a treasure box where they collect all kinds of interesting stuff they have found here and there. I was quite intrigued with the things, and he let me pawticipate on the inspection.

Notice the cool ceramic cat shaped pen holder beside me? Pretty nice, huh? That's an old gift my secretary has gotten  years back, and like we know, it's still as fashionable as ever! Cats never go out of style!

Have a nice week!!


  1. Ooooh, going through a treasure box? Sounds like fun.

  2. dood...cats iz all ways in style for de small staff purrson haz any perch or flounder in hiz treasure box ?
    that wood bee way kewl if he did !! ♥

  3. I have my own treasure box! Even though I'm a girl kitty.

  4. Treasure boxes morph into junk drawers...ask us how we know