Sunday, 5 January 2014

I have been awarded again!

Splendid, I have been awarded again! Thank you so much, Texas - a cat in Austin for giving me this honor!
“My Favorite Things Award.”

The rules to accepting this award are:

1. Thank the Blogger for Giving you this award and give a link to their blog
2. Post the award on to your blog
3. Name 6 of your favorite things
4. Pass it on to as many Bloggers as you want.

Here are my 6 favorite things:

 - Food
- Naps
- The Red Dot
- Water faucets
- Reading comments from my readers
- Flower pot soil

I would like to pass this on to all my commenting readers/bloggers, if you haven't already received this before. Reading your comments is the best thing in blogging, and you all would deserve this award!


  1. LOL @ your last favourite thing! :-D

    Concats on the award!

  2. Congrats on receiving another award, Carlos!

  3. Hi Carlos! My friend Punapippuri told me about your blog and my Human and I have read several posts. It is really to bad that big ugly fish broke that nice flower pot, but I hope you enjoyed digging around in the dirt! Your stories make us laugh and we are happy to meet you!

    1. Cool, welcome new furry friend! I need to stop by your blog too! I'm glad you like my stories!

  4. What a nice award! Concats on winning it! We're not sure you should have admitted to your last like, considering what happened a day or two ago.

    1. Thanks! Well, I know it was a bit risky, but my human knows my affection to the dirt so well that I can't hide it...

  5. dood...conga ratz on yur awardz...N heerz ta potting soil by de wagon load !!!...we hafta type fast two day coz de internetz actin spazzy frum de cold ~~~~~

    1. Thank you! I hope your connections start being reliable again soon!