Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Never mind me

I guess the lady of the house took my advice literally and gave me some space today. I haven't seen much of her, or any of the other staff to be exact. The smallest one went to a friend of his, and the lady went ice skating with the other kid. The big one just hovered around, transported the kid back and forth, and then pushed piles of snow around the garden (I don't really understand what's the point with that stuff? Why can't the snow just lay around on the yard, why it needs to be pushed around?)
So never mind me, I'll just be here in the closet, minding my own business.I hope they'll get home by the time for my dinner!


  1. C...if knot... dont forget bout de rock in de fish tank trik....sure N de fish will be raw but sum times raw fish iz grate...like that sue shee stuff...throw a few donuts on de plate N yur set !!!!!!

    1. Yes, as long as the fishes are in the house, I'll be fine!

  2. Well, Carlos, sometimes you need a little bit of alone time. :)

  3. See? Be careful what you wish for!